An award of attorney’s fees is when one party in a lawsuit has to pay for some or all of the other party’s attorney’s fees. This award can also include the costs that were incurred in addition to the attorney’s bill. These expenses are often for Court costs, Court reporters, and experts.

About Attorney's Fees

Family law proceedings in Florida have unique rules for attorney’s fees claims. Some other areas of law have restrictions that make the award of attorney’s fees rare. Family law cases do not follow the law used in many other types of legal matters because family law cases require unique rules to ensure that families are protected. The Courts want the parties to be on a level playing field in a family law case. If one party has the financial resources for an attorney, then the Court feels that the other party should be afforded the chance to have an attorney, too. The party with less financial resources can ask the Court to require the party with additional funds to cover their attorney’s fees to ensure that both parties’ claims are considered fairly for the needs of the family.

Attorney's Fees for Other Reasons

Family law cases can also involve an award of attorney’s fees for reasons aside from the financial resources standard addressed above. If a party behaves unreasonably and uses the Court process to harass the other party, as opposed to pursuing a claim in good faith, then the Court can award attorney’s fees to help prevent bad faith litigation from occurring.